Business solutions

Create the best business performance

Businesses often face challenges that hinder the company and the workforce from achieving the goals that are working toward. This could be a disagreement between the management and the workforce, a workforce that is not in line with the companies policies, and much more. Dipping revenue and an unmotivated workforce is not a problem, but simply a symptom. Diamond Support helps identify the bottlenecks in the business and helps you remove them after carefully listening to your challenges, conducting thorough studies, and presenting you with a solution.

Human Resource Outsourcing

We’re an extended part of your business

A lot of times, all you need is just a little help from the right people to reach places. Diamond Support provides you with that help!

If you need to outsource processes in your business that need a lot of manpower, like a customer support unit or a fleet of debt collection personnel, then we will be able to provide the support that your business needs. We have candidates who are experienced as direct-sales & telesales execs, call center & customer service debt collection staff, IT professionals, HR professionals, trainers & lecturers, senior executives advisors, medical professionals, finance professionals, and executive secretaries, etc.

We help our clients make significant and realize their most important goals.

Executive recruitment and database of CVS

Find a pool of like-minded people

Finding the right candidate for a role has become increasingly challenging, especially with a lot of competition and availability. Worry not! As an HR consultancy, Diamond Support is equipped with a lot of profiles and CVs that cater to a wide range of business functions and verticals. We have turnouts from all around the globe and can help you locate the right talent in no time, by screening the numerous profiles that we have at our disposal. The areas that we operate in include banking, telecom, healthcare, transportation, retail, government, and education, etc.

Provide training and consultancy

Equipping people with the right knowledge.

Newly joined employees, or the ones that are already traveling with your company. Everybody needs a little training to get on the same page as the company and the client of the company, as to what the market and the company expect out of them. Diamond Support provides the employees with on-the-job training, soft skill training and puts them through other courses and sessions for them to get familiar with their work environment, the key responsibility of their role, the company’s expectations, and conflict resolution. Though it might seem unnecessary to train your employees after hiring them, it’s when the employees need the most guidance.

Logistic support

Bringing things together

As your company’s Human Resources partner, we make sure that your business process happens without any interruption that arises from the workforce. If you are a small or a mini business that outsourced work to us that requires transporting the workers to the project area, Diamond Support lends you that support as well.