Collect Client Requirements

Consulting after a clear understanding

Be it a high attrition rate, or a low motivated workforce. Diamond Support dives deep into your problems, understands them, and comes up with a tailor-made solution that works every time. We, as a seasoned HR partner understand that each company is different, and each business vertical needs a different skill-set to form part of its workforce. So we do not believe in pushing the same set of CVs or handling all of our clients with the same plan. As the first process of our relationship with our clients, we make sure to sit with them and talk about their challenges and requirements before we pitch them a solution idea.

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Screening and Selection

A pile of potential waiting to be unlocked

With a database of CVs and details of able professionals looking to work for your company, Diamond Support helps you find the right candidate for your needs. These profiles are collected and curated over a long period of time, and they are categorically organized based on the skill sets that these people possess. When a client approaches us with a need for manpower, we screen the database, select a few profiles that might fit the job role, and further conduct technical and non-technical assessments to check if the profile would match the requirements of the client.

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Assessment center

A good find is getting the job half done

As an HR consultant, assessment and selection are one of our core business processes. With years of training and experience in selecting the right candidate for a role, and with a tonne of able professionals interested in working on a particular job role, our role as the HR consultant is to be able to connect the company with the right resource on the market. The team of experts that have been doing this for years now, as part of Diamond Support’s team will make sure that the assessments are conducted fair and professional, so that your company gets the best resource possible, every time!

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Soft-skill training

A well-trained team to take your business further

We understand your business, its model, and train your employees, either the existing ones or the newly joined, to get them in line with your workforce and vision. This is not only to get the employees, or the newly joined to gel with your business easily, but also to improve the skill set of the existing workforce as well. If you want, Diamond Support will take your workforce through a soft-skill training program, which will help your employees deal with sensitive subjects like workplace ethics, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills in a more refined way.

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Getting everybody on the same page

After a resource is hired and trained, on-boarding or deploying them to their jobs is the next logical step. While at it, we need to make sure that the employee is well informed about the tasks and the duties he’ll need to perform during the course of his employment, and he must be informed about the mission and the vision of the company. This is to make sure that there wouldn’t be any friction while discharging the duties, and there will not be any misunderstandings with respect to the duties that the employee should perform.

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Support and follow-up

We don’t leave things hanging

From screening to deployment and training, followed by constant follow-ups and assessments, Diamond Support as your Human Resource partner is the best thing to happen to your workforce, after your company! Because we understand that employee interaction and betterment is a constant work in progress, and the responsibility of an HR consultant does not end with the deployment of resources. We make sure to reach out to you, and the resources to measure their performances, effectiveness, and provide them with further training if necessary. If your existing workforce needs assessment and performance measurements, Diamond Support is ready to provide you with it!

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