A trusted consultant, and a skillful HR partner — Diamond Support

Diamond Support, a trusted human resource for a lot of brands, is always ahead of the curve with respect to the services that we provide.

Run by a team of able managers, and consisting of a fleet of exceptionally professional workforce, which is strongly built upon the model of traditional Human Resources consulting and search.

However, our business has evolved to include customized, sophisticated solutions for our most complex business partners and senior HR allies.

Be it a problem of employee retention, recruitment, training, and assessment, or attrition, we as a company provide custom-made solutions for our clients, to deal with all these problems.

What do we do at Diamond Support?

Though we have grown as a company to provide a lot of ancillary support to a business with respect to human resources, we still spend dedicated efforts to collecting and curating profiles that will suit the various profile requirements of our clients. This helps us acquire the most suitable candidate for the role that’s open in your company.


Our work is not limited to helping you with a database of CVs available to our company, but we also support you in recruit after multiple phases of screening and interview.


In addition to hiring a resource, as an HR partner of your company, we will take personal responsibility in understanding your organization’s work nature and needs, and train the candidates accordingly.

Why do we feel a long-term relationship helps build a solid workforce?

Attrition and a highly volatile workforce are directly correlated to a disconnect between the business and its employees.

As your HR partner, we will provide the bridge that your business needs to connect with your workforce.

After deploying the resources hired, we provide constant support by following up, assessing the performance, and even providing on-demand training sessions.