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The power of a POTENTIAL WORKFORCE Diamond Support has the experience in handling
a dwindling workforce, and we, as your consultant will
make sure to find and solve your workforce challenges.

Here is everything that Diamond Support can do for you.

Diamond Support, as a company, operates under a rule that half our effort goes into simply understanding the requirements of our clients. In this day and age, talent acquisition has become a real challenge, and finding the right fleet of people will solve half of your organization’s problems, be in administrative, or logistical. To help brands overcome their human resource challenges, we at Diamond Support provide the following services.


Business solutions

We provide customized and sophisticated solutions for your HR problems.

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Outsourcing resources

If you’re looking to outsource a unit of your business, we are the most reliable choice.

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Executive recruitment

Need help picking the right people for your business? We’ll help you!

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An exhaustive database of CVs

A whole lot of bests to pick from, to suit your business needs.

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Recruitment training and consultancy

Every time you recruit, you’ll also have to train them. Leave it to us!

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Logistic support

For small and mini firms, we serve in bringing their workforce where they need to be.

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We outsource resources in the best interest of your business!

From customer support to debt collection, from trainers to medical professionals, if your company needs a human resource that you’d like to use the expertise of, Diamond Support is the place to get in touch with!

Our fleet of expert consultants and executives will provide you with the best service in the area of expertise that you require, and we deploy these resources after a complete understanding of your business needs. Here are some of the services that you can outsource to us, and we’ll perform it to the fullest of our capabilities!

  1. Direct-sales & Tele-sales
  2. Call Center & Customer Service
  3. Debt Collection Staff
  4. IT Professionals
  5. HR Professionals
  6. Trainers & Lectures
  7. Senior Executives
  8. Advisors
  9. Medical Professionals
  10. Finance Professionals
  11. Executive Secretaries


Are you looking for professional Recruiting services? Be it policies development, training & development, or performance management, We can provide you best-in-class customized solutions


    Diamond Support always believes in long-term relationships that can uplift each other. Become a client partner, and enjoy a trustworthy, beneficial long-term working relationship with Diamond Support human resource consultancy!
    Ideally, a partner relation with Diamond Support starts with us understanding your requirement, recruiting suitable manpower for your business, taking care of the training and assessment of these newly hired resources, deployment these resources based on the assessment results, managing accounts, and extending services even after the deployment with frequent follow-ups and quality assessments.

    Tailored for you

    As a partner, Diamond Support makes it a priority to understand your requirement before even beginning to draft the solution, be it outsourcing, hiring, or training.

    Follow-ups and assessments

    We will monitor the resources on-boarded, assess them and provide constant support even after devising a solution and deploying resources.

    What's the benefit of becoming a partner?

    Diamond Support is a great partner, and an equally great contractor. If that’s the case, why become a partner, you ask?

    Well, just like solid employee retention increases the performance of the company with little to no need for training and replacement, a long-term relationship with Diamond Support will mean that the management of your company will be your only concern, with no necessity to worry about your human resources!

    Our executives and our expertise in hiring and training will reduce the effort you put into constantly maintaining and administrating your workforce, for we will take care of it! Partner up, experience the power of the right people!


    Diamond Support is a Human Resource company, that relies on traditional values. As traditional as the company’s core values might seem, we’ve evolved as a business to stay on top of the trends on needs of the market. Diamond Support provides a wide range of services, for a wide range of industries.


    Debt collection, dealing with finances, and a lot more.

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    Engineers, Support Professionals, and Client Handling.

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    A sector that requires precision from all of its employees.

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    Logistics and other blue-collar labor force with experience.

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    Contracts, on-demand labor that is cut out for strict deadlines.

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    A sector that needs the employees’ undivided attention, and wholehearted commitment.

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    Customer handling is one of the most important training that the employees need with respect to retail.

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    If you operate in any of these industries and in need of human resource support, reach out to us. We at Diamond Support believe that an employee with the right technical know-how is the key to success for every business, and we’ll provide you with that employee!